E.R.S.E.A Specialist Job Description

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JOB SUMMARY: The ERSEA Specialist is responsible for the development and coordination of child eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance (ERSEA) systems according to Head Start performance standards and CINHS program policies and procedures. In addition, this position is responsible for providing CINHS content area support.

• Assists in the recruitment, enrollment, and registration of families into the program.
 Ensures that recruitment involves those families that are most in need of Head Start services.
 Ensures every application is properly processed through the selection process.
 Assists with special recruitment functions and events.
 Coordinates with Special Needs Manager to ensure proper recruitment for children with disabilities.
 Connects each enrolled family with a Family Advocate and classroom teacher.

• Performs detailed data entry work, creates, and maintains tracking systems on child enrollment and attendance; and creates reports on enrollment and attendance.
• Provides exceptional customer service by receiving customers to the program in a friendly, professional and courteous manner.
• Assists customers by providing accurate information that meets the customers’ needs the first time.
• Prepares and distributes monthly reports regarding enrollment, attendance, etc.
• Ensures compliance with all Head Start regulations and standards.
• Maintains a waiting list for the program to facilitate the filing of vacancies as they occur.
• Develops and implements a pro-active recruitment plan.
• Monitors & coordinates activities related to the processing of applications, waiting list, & attendance.
• Trains staff on eligibility of children & monitors compliance according to selection criteria and Head Start Performance Standards.
• Reports on enrollment data that will be utilized for future ERSEA planning for the program.
• Analyzes the causes of absenteeism and develops an action/improvement plan to ensure a high percentage of daily attendance is achieved.

Content Area Support:
• Assists Content Area Expert in oversight of CINHS Component Areas as needed including,
but not limited to, staff CDA credentialing, provision of ChildPlus data for monthly program
reports, assistance with year-end component area data, classroom assessments and planning
and assisting in the identification of CINHS families most in need of intensified family

• Must be familiar with Alaska Native/American Indian heritage and culture and must be able to serve and effectively communicate with the children and families enrolled in the CINHS program.
• Possesses excellent communication and customer service skills.
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships.
• Works as an active participant in a team environment.
• Ability to set and follow goals and objectives.
• Possesses exceptional organizational skills and the ability to plan and prioritize.
• Possesses the knowledge and ability to operate office equipment, including computers.
• Knowledge and skill using computerized word processing, spreadsheet and/or database software.
• Ability to complete tasks in a timely, organized and professional manner ensuring adequate follow-up.
• Ability to research topics as requested and to organize and report relevant information.
• Maintains and safeguards confidentially of enrollees records.
• Ability to gather and analyze data in a statistical format.
• Knowledge of or ability to learn Head Start performance standards, policies and procedures necessary for preparing records, documentation and mandated reports for CINHS programs.
• Demonstrates ability to use advanced word processing, spreadsheet and database software.
• Demonstrates ability to manage multiple priorities and tasks concurrently and meet deadlines.
• Flexibility with respect to time and days able to work, as well as work tasks.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Associate level degree or equivalent preferred.
• Must successfully complete TB and any required vaccinations.
• Must be able to pass a criminal background check as required by state and federal law.

Would you like to work with children? Are you a current or former Head Start parent? We encourage you to apply! Cook Inlet Native Head Start is a non-profit corporation established solely to operate the Tribal Head Start program, providing early childhood education services as well as quality family related services for the Native population in Anchorage, AK. All position descriptions can be located on our website at www.cookinletnativeheadstart.net or stop by to pick up an application. You can apply electronically at our website or turn in your application to the front desk (6901 E. Tudor Rd). Cook Inlet Native Head Start is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

May be exposed to communicable diseases. Safety precautions for employees such as blood drawing for screening of various diseases such as hepatitis, required immunizations, etc. are necessary. Occasionally subject to verbal abuse, threats, and physical violence from angry, hostile, or disgruntled patients and/or family. The work requires sitting at work station to perform administrative duties. Requires routine walking, standing, bending, and carrying of items weighing less than 50 lbs. Must be able to work under physically and emotionally stressful conditions. Travel may be required.



Employment Application

Please email completed applications for employment to eparker@cinhs.net, or fax completed applications for employment to 907-433-1641. Thank you.