Head Start Teacher Job Description

Want to join our amazing team? Please ask at the Front Desk 907-433-1600 or 907-433-1601 for more information on how to apply or visit our website www.cookinletnativeheadstart.net

Would you like to work with children? Are you a current or former Head Start parent? We encourage you to apply! Cook Inlet Native Head Start is a non-profit corporation established solely to operate the Tribal Head Start program, providing early childhood education services as well as quality family-related services for the Native population in Anchorage, AK.


JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for providing quality education of infant/toddlers and/or preschool aged children, with the goal of increasing the social competence and school readiness of children and to develop knowledge and pride in traditional Native culture and heritage.

This is a job progression designed to provide progressively more responsible and independent work experiences to employees as part of the overall assessment of their skill level and abilities. Promotion between job levels is based on performance on prior assignments, education attainment and the demonstrated ability to successfully manage more progressively responsible assignments.


1. Assists in the development and implementation of plans to enhance the education, health, social and emotional growth in

*Assesses the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and language needs of enrolled children with a variety of screening and observation tools.
*Develops a curriculum with supporting lesson plans that challenge, strengthen and meet the individual learning goals and developmental needs of enrolled children, in accordance with the guidelines of the CINHS Strong Foundations Cultural Curriculum.
*Utilizes a variety of teaching strategies to meet educational and developmental goals and the physical, emotional, social, cultural, cognitive and language needs of enrolled children.
*Utilizes appropriate discipline and guidance techniques such as redirection, acknowledgement of appropriate behavior, and setting acceptable limits.

2. Provides a healthy, safe and secure learning environment through the use of consistent limits, appropriate guidance techniques, and the development of an atmosphere of respect for children and adults.

*Encourages parental involvement.
*Provides training for parents and other staff through role modeling, discussions, and other means.

3. Functions as a member of Head Start/ Early Head Start team by participating in staff meetings, training, planning and problem solving sessions.

4. Visits each child's home twice per year in accordance with Head Start regulations and meets with parents/guardians to become familiar with the child's home environment.

5. Accurately completes all paperwork, including: home visit forms, parent/teacher conference forms, lesson plans, work sampling and transition forms.

*Ability to maintain open, friendly, and cooperative relationships with families, to encourage program involvement, and to promote parent-child bonding and nurturing parent-child relationships.
*Ability to promote feelings of security and trust in infants/toddlers and preschoolers by being warm, supportive, and comforting, and by establishing strong and caring relationships with them.
*Ability to provide children with experiences and opportunities that allow them to develop curiosity, initiative, problem-solving skills, and creativity, as well as a sense of self and a feeling of belonging.
*Ability to conduct developmental screenings of infants/ toddlers and preschoolers motor, language, social, cognitive, perceptual, and emotional skills.
*Flexibility with respect to time and days able to work, as well as work tasks.
*Other duties as assigned.


An Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education; or an Associate Degree in a related field and coursework equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education, with experience teaching preschool-age children; or a Baccalaureate Degree and has been admitted into the Teach For America program, passed a rigorous Early Childhood content exam, such as the Praxis II, participated in a Teach For America summer training institute that includes teaching preschool children, and is receiving ongoing professional development and support from Teach For America's professional staff.

compensation: $23.44-$29.93/hour (depending on Education Credential)
employment type: full-time
job title: Head Start Teacher
non-profit organization

Please email completed applications for employment to jwilson@cinhs.net, or fax completed applications for employment to 907-433-1641. Thank you.