Family Services Partner


JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for providing family support services including implementing, coordinating, and providing direct case management services to families enrolled in CINHS Program in accordance with Head Start Performance Standards.

• Develop relationships with parents and structure services to encourage trust and respectful, ongoing two-way communication between staff and parents to create welcoming program environments that incorporate the unique cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds of families in the program and community.
• Conduct outreach, recruitment, and enrollment.
• Provide orientation on philosophy of program and services provided;
• Implement strategies including home visits to learn about families and the changing community.
• Collaborate with families in a family partnership process that identifies needs, interests, strengths, goals, and services and resources that support family well-being, including family safety, health, and economic stability.
• Advocate for the family and support them in advocating for themselves.
• Follow-up with the family on the progress toward meeting their goals and any needed revisions to the plan.
• Assist with transitions to other programs, communities and schools.
• Offer parents opportunities to be involved in group activities, including policy groups and educational activities based on interest and need.
• Identify common interests and needs of parents in order to plan appropriate activities.
• Provide opportunities for children and families to participate in family literacy services.
• Offer opportunities for parents to participate in a research-based parenting curriculum that builds on parents' knowledge and offers parents the opportunity to practice parenting skills to promote children's learning and development.
• Provide parents with information about the importance of regular attendance, and partner with them, as necessary, to promote consistent attendance.
• Support families in accessing other community resources.
• Research and keep up-to-date on program and community resources.
• Refer families to community resources and follow-up on the effectiveness of referrals.
• Promote community partnerships that will improve supports to families.
• Assist families in crisis.
• Contribute to effective program practices and maintain a commitment to professionalism.
• Perform record-keeping and internal and external reporting tasks in a timely and objective fashion.
• Effectively utilize supervisory professional development and technical assistance resources to improve competence.
• Contribute to and participate in strategic planning, program self-assessment and other efforts to improve program services and agency responsiveness to families.
• Maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.

• High School Diploma or GED.
• Two (2) years of experience working in the field of Human Services, Early Childhood Education, Mental Health, or a related
field OR; an A.A. degree in Human Services, Early Childhood Education OR; a Family Development Credential with one (1)
year of experience in Head Start or other program for children.
• Current Alaska driver's license. Must be at least 21 years old with a clean driving record and proof of insurance.
• CPR/First Aid certification within six (6) months of hire.
• Must successfully complete TB and hepatitis screening exams and any required vaccinations.
• Must be able to pass a criminal background check as required by state and federal law.
• Willingness to work in the homes of families residing in high-risk communities.

compensation: $21.76-$31.61 hour (depending on education level)
employment type: full-time
job title: Family Services Partner (Family Advocate)
non-profit organization

Please email completed application for employment to, or fax completed application for employment to 907-433-1641. Thank you.